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Last summer I took Dr. Vanita Rahman’s Healthy Nutrition class at the McLean Racquet and Health Club. This was a wonderful class. It was chock full of useful information about eating right, discerning the nutritional value of different foods, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Vanita’s dynamic, interactive style and her deep expertise contributed to the value of the class. The Q&A at the end of every class allowed the participants to explore topics of special interest to them. As a scientist, I appreciated Vanita’s thorough and clear explanations of the health aspects of nutrition. My family has already benefited from the class. I put into practice her advice on portion control and the result is that my husband has lost over 10 pounds. I hope more people can benefit from the enthusiasm and knowledge Dr. Vanita brings to the field of healthy nutrition.

Nutrition Class

( Rachael J. )

I have consulted with Dr. Vanita Rahman since April 2014. My goal was to lose twenty pounds by changing my diet and improving my exercise schedule. The process starts with a careful assessment of nutritional habits. Dr. Rahman gives suggestions about recommended changes in the diet. She also gives a nutritional rationale about why the changes are recommended. Her explanations are given in plain language and are easy to relate to. Dr. Rahman is creative and thoughtful. If there is an impasse in the process of weight loss and nutritional change she develops strategies that are consistent with the overriding goal. I have made significant progress towards my goal, and I recommend Dr. Rahman for her expertise and thoughtful commitment.

Weight Loss

( Stefan Lund )

About me: I love to read books, newspapers and recipes. When it comes to cooking I would describe myself as a visual learner. That’s where I sing the praises of Vanita Rahman, MD. Our sessions – four in total – were personally structured by Vanita to meet my own nutritional goals as well as specific requests I could share with my family. For instance, my daughter, who was pregnant at the time, asked for food related information tailored to her special needs. Each session included an instructional as well as a hands-on component. I was particularly appreciative when Vanita provided me with insight on how to interpret current food labels. Another example of Vanita’s helpfulness was teaching me about the use of a greater variety of spices and knowing when to precisely add fresh herbs. I believe her instruction and wealth of nutritional knowledge was made so practical that I look forward to making a smooth lifestyle change.

Nutritional Cooking

( KN of Mclean, Virginia )

Recent News

Walking is great exercise

A long walk is great for the body and mind. It can help you destress and provide clarity. Since walking is low-impact, it is much easier on the joints. As we transition from summer to fall, the lower temperature and humidity levels create ideal walking conditions. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the beautiful weather, while getting exercise:

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Whole grain oatmeal raisin cookies

These oatmeal raisin cookies really hit the spot! They are whole grain, and made with minimal amounts of margarine and sugar. I love them with a cup of tea or soy milk.             Print Whole grain oatmeal raisin cookies Ingredients 2 cups rolled oats 1.25 cups whole wheat pastry flour 1

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Harvard researchers find that plant protein is more beneficial than animal protein

Harvard researchers followed over 130,000 participants in the Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study for over 25 years to evaluate the impact of protein from animal vs. plant sources. The data, which were published online in JAMA Internal Medicine on August 1, 2016, showed the following results: Increased intake of animal-based protein increased the risk

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Delivering an important message in front of the White House

I am so excited to join Neal Barnard and 100 other physicians as we help Americans “Break the meat habit.”

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Updates from the Nutrition in Medicine conference

Spent two terrific days at PCRM’s International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine. Heard excellent presentations from well-renowned speakers. Here are some of the highlights: Dr. Mariana Stern from the University of Southern California spoke about the link between meat and cancer. She was one of the panelists on the WHO committee that classified processed meat and red

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Nutrition in Medicine Conference

Really looking forward to PCRM’s Nutrition in Medicine Conference on July 29 & 30th in Washington DC. With over 750 health care professionals in attendance and an amazing line of speakers, should be a great event.    

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